Attention, authors, speakers and experts who are eager to increase their profitability and impact through creation of interactive face-to-face and online training programs.
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You are smart. You know "stuff". 
You know stuff that helps people

And you’d love being able to make a difference on a larger scale (and get paid well)

BUT there is only one of you! 

And, like you’ve probably realized, there’s only so many hours in a day. 

And that means that no matter what, your income (and your impact) will always be limited. 

You realize that creating a leveraged stream of income is a must if you want to grow (and stay sane)… and developing training programs seems like a pretty good idea….

But how do you take a body of work that already exists, and modify it to create a new experience---one that continues to get exposure, build the name, and, most importantly, create a new source of profitability...based on a signature idea?

So we decided to create this FREE Rapid Fire Mentorship Session "Multiply Your Impact & Income" with a little something that we like to call:

R & R 

Not rest & relaxation (albeit lovely); the other R&R.

Repurpose & Repackage

In this free training,
we will show you how to follow a 3-step system for creating Signature Systems so you can delve into this world of more exposure, more respect, and (way) more money.

You will discover 3 simple steps to:

    Big Idea: Finding your program's main idea and Signature System that will instantly connect with your audience. 

    Design: Shape, reposition & intelligently repackage your ideas into training programs that multiply your impact and income.

   Delivery: Build connection and engagement through compelling storytelling, gamification and scenario-based activities that could be adapted to face-to-face and online environments.

The recording will be available but we highly recommend that you

5 pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST FOR:

~ A chance to win a copy of an Amazon bestseller World Class Speaking in Action by Craig Valentine with 50 certified speaking coaches (including Anastasia Pryanikova)

~ Receive a FREE Template on Finding Your Big Idea for A Profitable Online Program
~ Have access to a Live Q & A session following the training

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Dr. Marina Kostina is the founder of Wired@Heart, a training and consulting company that helps you increase your online presence, connection, engagement and profitability online. Marina co-authored an Amazon Bestseller "The Golden Climate in Distance Learning".  She is a distance learning expert that helps you create powerful and engaging online programs and products that attract your ideal clients, increase their completion rate, inspire them to produce great results and become your raving fans! Her services are designed to help you gain more financial freedom, flexibility and ultimately build the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Multiply Your Impact and Income   
(Free Rapid Fire Mentorship Session)

3 Steps for Creating On-Demand and In-Demand Signature Systems
Anastasia Pryanikova, M.A., J.D. is the founder of E-Studio, LLC, a coaching, training and consulting company that translates neuroscience insights into solutions in the areas of communication, public speaking, presenting, and multimedia storytelling. She helps speakers, experts and authors step into the spotlight and create greater impact, connection and action through public speaking and multimedia training programs. Anastasia has co-authored two books: “SuccessOnomics” and “World Class Speaking in Action.” She has appeared as a guest expert on “The Brian Tracy Show” on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the U.S.
 It doesn't have to be complicated: 

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You’ve already done the hard stuff. All you need now is someone to help you shape, reposition & intelligently repackage your ideas into an online training that you can sell to the world, instantly providing you with a whole new layer of clout, respect and financial reward. After all, you’ve worked hard, and you deserve to be compensated for it.