Attention, authors and experts!
According to a recent survey,  more and more publishing experts indicate and authors acknowledge that the future of publishing depends on the interactivity and engagement with readers. 

In times of short attention spans and crowded markets many authors struggle with:

  Overwhelm when it comes to choosing a marketing strategy that fits your audience;
  Confusion about what it takes to turn your book into lucrative information business;
  Lack of confidence to let yourself stand out from the crowd and attract the attention you deserve and need;
  Uncertainty of how to leverage your time and effort for greater impact;
  Fear that all your efforts that you put into writing the book will not bring you the expected results.

Now, you have an opportunity to learn about new trends in multimedia publishing and become a part of this groundbreaking movement. Bookphoria multimedia solutions are designed uniquely for authors and experts to bring you to the cutting edge of marketing and client engagement through transmedia storytelling. It allows you to build unique experiences by distributing your dynamic content across various media channels.

We are ready to peel back the curtain and give you an opportunity to develop your unique Book Teaser - a 2-minute dynamic video introduction of your book or expert system.


Yes, I want to claim my special promotion on Book Teaser and a FREE Book Bumper
With a Book Teaser, you can:

   Offer a hook for your readers to pique their curiosity;
   Engage your readers through dynamic and fun scenarios that you can use in workshops, webinars and other “learnscapes”;
  Set yourself apart from other authors through multimedia, multisensory content that grabs attention and generates buzz. 

NOTE: Book Teasers can also be adapted for experts who have a signature system that they would like to promote. 

Your 2 min Book Teaser will include:

~ Personalized scenarios;
~ A fully developed script;
~ Character design;
~ Voiceover;
~ Music & Animation. 

Check out examples here:

Since we want to bring as many authors as we can into this exciting new world of multimedia in 2014, we are making a special offer for you. 

How much of an investment do you think it would be to develop a product like this that you can leverage time and time again? A full animation can cost tens thousands of dollars, and this doesn’t not even include your time of finding your contractors, coordinating and monitoring the progress.  

We are not going to ask you anything close to those big numbers.

Our total investment for your custom-built, dynamic, interactive Book Teaser is $1997

But we understand that developing a multimedia product may seem like a big undertaking for you. That’s why we are willing to take any risk out of your decision. 

We offer our complete satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Book Teaser, we fully refund your investment.

Not only that, we will throw in an additional bonus for you:

A BOOK BUMPER- a 15-second video logo for your author’s brand that can become your personal digital signature. Here is an example of the Book Bumper.
Our offer expires on January 31, 2014. Act now since our offer is limited to 10 custom Book Teasers! 

Get your Book Teaser now!

Our creative team will contact you to start the Book Teaser development process.

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